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Ruth Sharon Schlank

aka Ruthie Discoe, Ruthie Bernaert

Father: Rudy L. Schlank

Mother: Ruth Lillian Parker

BIRTH: 12 Nov 1942 in Los Angeles

MARRIAGE#1: Dennis Reed

MARRIAGE#2: Paul Discoe

MARRIAGE#3: Jim Bernaert

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In 2002, was teaching at YogaMandali - Anusara style Hatha Yoga classes in the heart of Greenwich Village

Blurb: RUTHIE BERNAERT - began practicing in 1985 in Hawaii with Laura Loftus, an Iyengar teacher. Ruthie started teaching in between Laura's visits to Hawaii.  Ruthie's extensive study with John Friend began in 1994. Ruthie is Yoga Mandali's most enthusiastic teacher who loves teaching beginners and restoratives. She has considerable experience with therapeutics and women's issues, especially PMS and menopause. Ruthie is one of Yoga Mandali's main Teacher Trainers and has trained hundreds of teachers in the US, Mexico, Australia and India. Ruthie says, "If you want a happy life you should come do Anusara Yoga."

Pictures of Jim and Ruthie teaching Yoga: Arkansas YOGA Center - Anusara Weekend

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