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Back in the late 70's a guy in Lincoln Nebraska with the help of an eccentric patron built 3 Dymaxion cars powered by Renault engines. There were three chassis built, engines installed in two of them, and at least two fiberglass bodies fabricated one very complete and on a chassis. They were three wheeled and quite true in design as I remember. I was 20 or so at the time going to the University of Nebraska and knew of this project by accident while inquiring about racing boat fabrication for a project of mine. Of course the project was slow and ran out of money before completion. I do not know what happened to the three vehicles I think the wealthy patron repossessed them because of her outlay of money. She was from Beatrice NE if I remember correctly....It has been a long time since I have thought about those cars!! The body fabricator's name was Dick Spencer (long since retired) and I heard he had a bad stroke and not functioning very well. If you find this interesting I could make some efforts to find more info but this is a long dead trail to resurrect. [..]

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Yes I did see all of the cars. I sat in them, shifted the gears (faux driving) etc. One was complete with chassis, body, mechanicals, all put together. It was driven although I did not drive it myself. I do not know the patrons name and Dick Spencer the builder is not in good health. I might have a source close enough to him ( a neighbor ) that might get a response although this was not a stellar chapter in his business as he probably got stuck with considerable unpaid R&D [...]

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Subject: Dymaxion--Fascination car

Hello Ben and Jeff, saw your letters regarding the Dymaxion replicas that were built in Lincoln Nebraska.

I've never heard of genuine replicas having been built and can only assume that you may be referring to the "Fascination"

See the below links:
On this page you'll see some of my humble research:

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Anthony, Very cool site!! You have my attention. The cars I'm referring to were built in Lincoln circa 77-78. I know this because I saw them in the fiberglass fabricators shop in various stages of completion. However, they did seem to look a little more like the "Fascination" than the Buckymobile. This may be the missing link. I wish Dick Spencer could give us the facts and the location of the vehicles at this time. I am sure one of them was dark blue with chrome and white accents. Take care and stay in touch!