3d model of the dymaxion car 

Car #3For those that haven't heard of it, the Dymaxion Car was a teardrop-shaped (least air resistance), 3-wheeled, rear-wheel (single) steering, 20 foot long, Aluminum bodied auto, designed by Buckminster Fuller in 1933 to achieve maximum output and service with minimum material input.  It was about 6 feet tall (kinda like a big van), seated the driver and 10 passengers, weighed around 1600 lbs., went 120 miles/hr on a 90 horsepower engine, and got as much as 30 miles to the gallon of gas.  Fuller referred to it as the "Dymaxion Car", "Dymaxion Vehicle", and "Omni-Medium Transport" since it was ultimately intended to go by land, water, or sky.  Only three were ever built.

Since i will probably never be inside one in real life, and certainly never drive one, i would really like to do the next best thing: model it in 3D and simulate driving it. There are scattered bits of information about the car, in print and on the web, but i haven't found a complete history, so i attempt to compile one below.

patent drawingA biographer said "Bucky [...] took the idea of demonstrating what you are talking about very seriously. He said if you can't make a model of it, don't talk about it.

I have a printed copy of the original patent for the car, which has diagrams like the one to the right, from the out-of-print book "Inventions: The Patented Works of Buckminster Fuller".  It includes top, side and front views, so there should be enough information to model at least the external body.  

I haven't found anyone who's ever attempted this, which means i'll probably have to do it myself. Do you have any information that would help?


Other notes on the car:

Modelling the Car

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