Back in 1997, there was a mailing list called awaken, started around Julie's old Awaken site, which attracted some rather interesting characters. One of them is named bRYEnd Prosser and his writing style... is interesting. Here's a typical example, try wrapping your brain around it...

Subject: Re: World Brain workshop + RE-deferring Consciousness as evolutionary.
>In  June 1997   Kristina started this..
K>>I would invite an equal mix of physicists, biologists, computer scientists,
K>>systems people, visionaries, and anyone else interested in the behavior of
K>>complex (let's define that as interacting multicomponent) systems. OK,
K>>maybe I will let one librarian in, but just one.
(^it's hard right now for me to write.. I have work to do.
(^but I climbed back into my back-up files  for this next piece.
(^ may relate to why so much research IS in the hands of librarians.
(^interested parties need somewhere to download their theories on what's happening.
(^thanks, for being a push library.
((^ Kristina..
(^ most true researchers can't be comprehended outside of their own skull.
(^ I know this from experience. Jargonalism needs explaining...
(^ The time it would take to de-compress scientific symbolitry for laymen
(^ would eat up all the time used to tweek "interest" in brain function,
(^ spoken of at conferences.
((^we all need funding, don'chyah know?^))
(^visionaries find it difficult explaining if not downright irritating to
(^describe the methodology being used to look at what makes up the unseen stuff.
(^..they just DO it.
(^try discussing with a paraplegic the fine art of walking, and it's
(^relevance to rope skipping.
(^complex- multiEX-PONENTIALcomponent info just gets dummied up at conferences.
(^folks share their NOTES there. They do NOT Xplane the actual full blown account of
(^ Xteen years of "real" data formulation. For the beyond the footnotes info,
(^ eWe need to befriend the CREATORS of complex behaviors.
(^ Being "interested" in complex systems isn't enough.
(^WATCHING from a distance won't help, either. must actually beCOME one.
(^..yes.. that's right. DOCument (as in libraritize) the complex system known as SELF.
(^most folks "interested" in "art" DON'T REALLY WANT to kNOw the "artIST".
(^they just want to see the finished product.
(^Generating that product is just too messy to watch.
((^..or be a part of..^))
(^... would you really want Van Goe living in your house? Having emotional crisis's,
(^cutting off his ear in your kitchen?
(^or would you rather just have a PAINTing of his?
(^enough from me present. tHere. have a blast from my past.
(^I have to go work on TV effects crap.
((^it pays the bills far better than thinking ever did^))
(^ Below is just ONE dump of many I have on back files.
(^ The only folk ever able to read through the whole dang
(^ thinKg were, you guessed it.. librarians.
(^ ..I do doubt any of it was understood.
(^ any more than on its most simplistic level.

(^>Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 18:19:25
(^>To: doesn't matter any more.
(^>From: Jesturel BrindEYE <>
(^>Subject: TAE#1mix+some Xplane of SPLECK
(^>I'm interested in your "book". Here's why.
(^>I got this from someone whose child "MAY" have minimal autism.
(^> Since I happen to be genetically linked to this dilemma,
(^> I started a journey of gonzo-journalistic
(^> research into hypothetically creating a de/re-scrambler/re-encoder
(^> for the linguistically confused...
(^>(which I am becoming as a direct result of typing too quickly, never
(^> sleeping, and maybe getting a little too close to a case of severe
(^> empathy inre: info compression overload.)
(^>..can you TELL? You will... if you keep reading this.
(^>It's a jumble (partially to create a feeling of freefall..
(^> the sense is here, but as ambiguous as a SNARK.
>FROM:>Al Prosser
A1>>  I found an interesting, um, "book". It has some ideas interesting to me,
A1>> they might to you. It talks about different ways of learning, how memory
A1>> works, how our school systems do many things backward. It starts at
A1>>It hints at reasons someone might want to do SOME of the things you
A1>>have talked about. It is in hypertext, and constructed in a way that
A1>>no two people are likely to read it in the same order, but it still
A1>>makes sense. The net version is fixed (static), but the descriptions
A1>>sound as if the CDROM version may adapt the list of links to a record
A1>>of where the reader has been.
(^>(k)NOW, I'd LOVE to dump my reply to that at you right now.. but a few
(^>INTRO(S) might be in order..
(^>INTRO SPLECK (not a program.. a CONcept... HOW TO CREATE SUBtext)
(^> I just wish you had Eudora Pro vs2.1.2
(^>(that's the spleck mode I am using... This statement will make more sense 'Lateurl'...
(^>People can usually be recognized by their body movements..
(^> Same is true with their verbiage and dialect. and thinking patterns.
(^>but what if your "language filter" is out of tune? or theirs was? or both?
>(^etc, that other TAE piece... it's in there, venus^)
>((^OH, YEAH!.. I mark side comments from me with carrots^))
>(^<blah,blah, blah....oops! here we go..!^>
(^>..LET'S MAKE SOME MORE !!!! but make the tutorial a great game to play!
(^>(seems far more interesting than commercialism.. and better than militarism, too.)
(^>I still can be reached.... ah.. but can anyone else? evenifso, why bother
(^>anyway? most find themselves wrapped into themselves and their lives to
(^>the point of others nonimportance...just like me. memememememem or I.
(^>EyeYie, capt10NS..
((^where's that sound bubble?... a *.wav front? ^))
(^>sp1eck ZAT, y0u si11yTwit! Readzit Nreap! 0N, McDUFurly!
(^>This next is a rather glib 'explaneation'of how SPLECK works.
(^> This is what started me thinking about language filters... 
(^>as a way of utilizing other people's random prattle to create stories from.
(^>and the maybe creating TAE instead of settling for JAVA.
(^> The Eudora Pro , version 2.1.2, is the Spell Checker I'm using.
(^> The ramifications of setting the options to : always suggest,
(^> and leaving ALL other options turned off, and always hitting ignore ,
(^> is that of unzipping alternative meanings to what I  type.
(^> I type too much as it is, and I preffer that others figure out WHY they
(^> assume I'm being nasty. .   In some cases, the ambiguity leaves the
(^> 'yiewsers' staring themselves in the face.. but, he11.
(^> we'll just close our eyes, then, won't we?
(^> Go back to living in the "REAL" world, Where everything bad is from the
(^> outside. I wont believe that.  Could and have, but won't for now.
(^> We just fool ourselves  into thinking politeness is honorable,
(^> even if it covers seething rage at our own impudent ' imputtance '.
(^> 'forrum' now on, I'm going to use  the unshifted quote to
(^> mark 'perposely' 'mispelled' words in my e-mails.
(^>((^U (k.N0.w) ...f1d0 ' putonepuppy ' shift8 ' ?^))
(^>(^paybawk  shwift4 Eudorah..Y? B'cAuse.
(^> I'm thinking about creating an interface for normal folk that may allow them
(^> to come close to understanding AUTISM from the inside out..
(^My first  prototype is based on the use of Eudora Pro's spell checking mode. ^)
(^>If anyone has the default spell checker that comes with '"Euphoria"' Pro,
(^> and WANTS to get the full blown, uncompressed version off what '(^bEYE^)'
(^>'spscreachks' redirect the in mail from '^wakemup^' (any of'mespas'.mess)
(^> to out.. then scan with the spell checker. then trash it, unless the info seems
(^> needed for you. If it does, save it up. I'm in the midst of writing a manual on
(^> how to get more out of your mail for less word 'tryping'
(^>I will also be using these 'sybols ' for any quoted text I ' grabl ' from others.
(^>The list of those symbols will always be at the bottom of my sends, just above my
(^>continuing ' morphsigtree '.
'___'= spleck mode fuzzy wordage
'"___"' = changed instead of ignored in spleck mode
QUOTATIONS:  >< = 'altared' by '^Brye^'
Malcom>>Please--take pity on those of us who aren't inside your head,
Malcom>> and make your communications a *bit* clearer?
>(^that's what  the spleck manual is for. I get along fine on my own, but
>(^sometimes would like inTERPersonal communicaTION
>(^instead of INNERpersonal communicaTORS..
(^>below, I've left an old piece..
(^>now, if we re-filtered the words "show" and "stories" and "movies"
(^>        to instead be tutorials, allegoric fables and educational films..
(^>then, this lower piece makes sense leaving in here.
(^>It's short and egocentric.. but true even so.
(^><snip.. just want to show I was expecting the Spanish Inquisition,
(^> and instead got the dead quiet of 1984's Big Brother.>
(^>Another note: Who wants to claim THIS one? (it is the choice I NORMally go for)
HU> *Idea*: Use listserver filters + Eudora filters to organize my own ideas by
HU> writing to myself.  Must go work on this.  With a CIG I could even change
HU> the content just a little and never know exactly what, or how many
HU> messages, I might get back.
HU> Could entertain myself for days.  Scarey, especially since I learned that
HU> writing my own fantasies is better than reading others... very scarey.
(^>I've recieved that kind of thoughtwave from quite a FEW sources, lately....
(^>but I refuse to give up trying to communicate.  But I agree, no matter how we
(^>splice or dice it, text driven links cause people to either sink or swim in the
(^>anthropomorphic vat that is now our babysitter. KathODEray to the rescue.
(^>Television gave those watching no voice:
(^>..but now the modem connection is causing a new " disease".
(^> It was on the front page of The_Seattle_Times today, 
(^>Friday March 1st, '96...         ' ..WEBAHOLISM.. '
(^>So? I splecked it.  Interestingly, only  3 words came up to replace it...
(^>  ' ..WEIGHTLESS.. '   ' ..WEAPONLESS.. '    ' ..WEIGHTLESSLY.. '
(^>... :0) I liked that.
(^>What I liked better, was Thursday's front page of that same paper:
(^>"Small victories in treating children with AUTISM"
>                        written by Warren King.
(^>(^I 'preffer ' insulting info over no info at all.
(^> A 'balank ' page leaves all at a complete L0SS, or 1oss.^)
(^>the next section is ONE...(not the only one) re-interpretaion
(^ of SOME ramiffications of what I said in first SPLECK manual send.
(^>  (k) N0W...
(^> It was a given from the the start
(^> that I don't much care for ' lineier '  minded thinkers.
(^> They seldom care much for nor about me.
(^>That hurts, but doesn't come CL0SE to my ` dissmay `  that many of "them"
(^>dangerously under-estimate the full possibilities of  ' infonet ' research.
(^> "THIS" medium, has bonded together western and eastern think patterns.
(^>...NOT just globally... also in brain function. LEFT and RIGHT hemispheres.
(^>artists and mathematicians are comprehending each other... WOW !!
(^>The largest problem seems to be certain peoples' inability to WANT to look beyond
(^>their own point of view.  I do not think it's a question of ABility.. merely deSIRE.
(^>.. SO? I write the word 'ABSIRE ' and then spell check it:
(^> knowing full well that it won't be in my dictionary.  There were 16 sub
(^> possabilities listed. some of them important: (to me, but who am I to tell
(^> others where to think and when to stop off?)
(^>I try to be clear.. I really do.. but doing what we're doing is ALways clouded.
(^>spleck next:
(^>><At some time ` refference `,,"' linkAges'"... wrote about..
(^>(^' linkNlog ' has 15 sub words.. linkAges is one.. another is "'lithOlogic '"^)
(^>><Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 00:43:44 -0700 ('MST')
(^>.. funny what a  mountain standard time can translate to...
(^>><From:."'EDUCT'" (^this is one of the words my spell checker changes 'EDU' to.. ^)
(^>><To:"' candLewicK'" (^pinnocchio's friend^)
(^>><"'warmups'"> (^again, another meaning under 'wakemup'^)
(^>><Subject: "'buttock "'must be said, at least by me ... :)  (^buttock had been 'buttit' ^)
(^>><In-Reply-To:><^AH, who knows or cares...Most likely to ALL of it.^
canD>>>`You know, I have never made it to the end of one of your posts because
canD>>>`they are just to 'messy looking' to read.  I get through about 5 lines
canD>>>`and delete it.  It's not that I don't think that you might have something
canD>>>`worthwhile to say, but finding it in all the mess is just to much of a
canD>><`pain in the "'armers'".
canD>><`I'm not saying that to flame you.  It's just then, a `microboilogist`, who is
canD>>>`used to reading stuff that looks like it's been written in a pig latin
canD>>>`language, gets scared reading your posts ... it's a sure sign that your
canD>><`not communicating "'effectually'" :)
(^>((^ 'messy looking.'... hmm.  I guess she's a minimalist at heart. ^))
canD><`but a 'micro'boil'ogist ', who is  ((^NOTE..I added two apostrophes to get  "'microelectronics'"^)
canD>`used to reading stuff that looks       (^ and "'microprogramming''' out of that 'dislecsic' word.^))
canD>` like it's been written in a pig latin   (^ This line reminded me of the "Tri _Lat0ra1_Pig_Stuffurls"^)
canD>`language, gets scared reading          (^ story I started two years ago, but have never written down.^)
canD>`..your posts  ... it's a sure sign that     (^I DO have drawings, and some oral notes on cassettes. ^)
canD>`your not communicating ' effectivly ' :)
(^    3: pigBUTCHER,pigBAWKER,pig.CANDOSTICK_makurl^)
(^ pigCANDO.STICK becomes .CANDOSCHTICK_makaeh^)
(^>(^spleck ' abovetoth_er_ight'. quite a bit telling there.
(^>(^actually, ignore everything but 'aboveT0th e R1ght' or 'ab0veTo theR1ght' or 'ab0 veT0 'their 1ght'
(^>                                                            UNDERSTAND YET?
(^>NOTE TO GREEN: "iptscrae IS a language... used in the creation of PALACE software
(^>(never mind.. search on the net, or look in back files of
(^>NOT a joke.. is REAL.both AND the pig latin script for
(^>avatar control, "iptscrae"
(^>Because of this E-mai1, I find myself searching though older ideas .
(^>                    G,TANkrs
(^>>>'messy looking.'... "' hammy '".  I guess she's a minimalist at heart.
(^> If you want it plain, I'll go play someplace else.
(^> all that has to be done, is whipe me off the list.
(^> I don't know how to be any plainer than that.
(^>Thanks for the great fun.
(^>And.. don't get me wrong.. I'm still here.. in fact, I LIKE the people who've written to me.
(^>The SILENCE of those LAMBS is what drives me buggy!
(^> I keep trying to understand why everybody thinks the net is just cheap TV.
(^> Following the rules of commercial broadcasting in here is almost as silly as
(^> to believe that Santa died for our sins.......
(^> time for me to keep busy doing art.. and leaving  this space alone.
(^> no judgements ;0)  just easily mis-understood. Oh, well ! Aren't we all
in one way or other?
(^>The ramifications of having to retype ...and the extra IMPORTANT threads
(^>that came from this mistake has left me feeling I'm supposed to Shriek:
(^>"'Mr WAVEson!'" COME QUICK!" or
(^>"'EUPHRATES '" ! RIGHT . ON !  RIGHT . ON ! RIGHT . ON !"
((^woe. big note 2 xPLANE.^))
(^>or one of (My)any other  "'strangled"' "'thirsts'"
(^> spit forth in the "'MYSTIC'" of ' Pinespiration '.
(^>what HAVE I decided to spurt?
(^>"TAE !!  Thank you "'Zeroed'" my/the "' Hero shot! '" (^gong band ref^)
((^VENUS NOTE: clarify again.. Eudora's spell checker doesn't even recognise it's own name!
(^one of many suggestions that comes up is Eureka (if you spell it w/out an "s" on the end,)
(^and another is Euphrates if you wrote Eudoras' as I had in this case..)
((^ but the "REAL"  reason I stopped here was to explane the
(^ RIGHT .ON ! RIGHT .ON ! reference.
(^ a jive converter.
(^ it Turns all exclamation points into RIGHT .ON ! RIGHT .ON ! ..
(^ along with doing LOTS ELSE to the ascii text...
(^ I have a strange net scooper friend..
(^ that finds almost anything. REALLY .  BELIEVE me. 
(^ To explain that, would take too much room,
(^ unless you have a special txt reader for massive dumps.
*((^it was he that turned me on to webpage(s)  in the first place..^))*
(^One day, I sent a log of a meeting to him: and this was part of the reply..
wyiwndr > Thought you might like this, pass it around etc. Note the from address in
wyiwndr > the forwarded message...ANYTHING sent to the below address will bounce
wyiwndr > back in about 1-2 min w/ new translation...
(^ok, so I'll have to make a second whole e-mail to explain JIVE.
(^ That already exists.  It still relates. PURPOSE for inclusion:
(^  To show the need for languge/dialectic generators: to go with the IMAGE work.
(^<sigh> thanks RICH DAVIS, for pointing the way towards
(^ elevator talk radio. (one showing spawns infinities)
(^ and thank Ron for asking for "IT" black.
(^(and thank Amos+Andy and THINGFISH the zappa flop off-broadway musical)
(^yay, JIVE ! RIGHT . ON !
(^(I'll never type more than one exclamation point at a time again.)
(^        the Jive filter is as easy as using an alias list, I'd guess.
(^ I do this kind of thing from scratch using a find/replace all edit toy.
(^ but home cooking takes TIME. this thing Rich had dung. in under 5 minutes?!!
(^ WALLop    BLAMo. toot sweet !
(^ I have the WHOLE translation sitting in my computer...
(^ My computer"ll need a zip drive soon if I keep this up.
(^ I also may personally need a colostomy bag if i ever laugh that hard again.
(^>^...the reason I say all that, Is for you to understand that although my writing looks "messy"
(^> it still is english based. I'm not writing sanskrit, and not asking you to read this in bin-hex.
(^>but, I have a LOT of ideas... far TOO many for one or two weeks worth of programming.
(^>Everything from game creation to movie scripts to linguistic virus questions. 
(^>100 shows, eh?
(^>how many " HAVE" to be "manned"? (how many normally "run in the background"?)
(^>GHOSTORYTHYME  could be worked up out of the throw aways of past shows..
(^>might take some research, but people want fleshed out DIALOG... even for sex text.
(^>for those slow typers (who can't spell... like business OWNers.. not the secretaries....)
(^>short, snappy ' ALLieAs ' lists for one button pushes  might be a main key
(^> to speeding up that pick up line..
(^>well, damn. I'm tired.
(^>I can't believe I swamped you with that zip of my game stuff.
(^ It contains over two years of thought processing.
(^>..more scary?
(^>I have 17 ninety minute cassettes of me talking/ telling dreamstate stories.
(^>They need cleanup. and layering. I need a stenographer.
(^>I have Images of CASINO movie running in my head..
(^>background music that when stops, scares you to the core.
(^>((^VENUS>>HEADS UP; "Scene" group I had been working with are..
(^     ((GET THIS))trying to set up a mediSCENEshow on irc
(^ (i think for medical help for BD/SM people.
(^ I'm not one of them, yet understand the need. And, consenting adults, etc...
(^ I guess "SCENE" is a code word among such folk.
(^ I needed to clarify MY terminology for them..
(^>"the "SCENE" (to me) means Scenario.  as in storyboard line up. 
(^> ACTup:1 scene #1  first line.
(^>I WISH she had sent this to the GROUP (I KNEW too few of you were getting my notes.)
(^>but, if that is not SAID OUT LOUD, I leave my thoughts compressed.
(^>(I HATE to type. If I can get away with one ' sentance ' that expands into twenty two paragraphs,
(^>I'll do it. Makes me a prime candidate for software ' developement '.
(^>IFF I get to make it up as I go along: then get alias lists generated so that WHAT  I design
(^> HAS to be patented because of it's crossing too many in place boundaries.
(^>My spleck idea is used all the time. usually by cia folk and super paranoid types.
(^>I'd rather use it to search for brain function keys : forget the enemies. just misplaced a11ies, really.
(or al1ies or  a1lies ... or mabe just a11 1ies)
(^> But, hey. While I'm working on THAT headache, I'll be GLAD to push a few graphics;
(^> learn a bit more on human communications broadcasting (tho I rarely ' feal ' it's worth the hassle)
(^>Well, shoot. I'm going to hold off on sending this. and did. but.. time to let it go...^
(^>...UMMmmmnnn GREENone...
(^>hope this doesn't rip your brain cirQU1TS...0rI'llcuit,2
(^>ah, shoot! '.0rI'llcuit' is just too FUNknee!
(^>splecked..(get this. ' 0rI'llcuit '  comes up only one suggest.. "'.prOmiscuity"'
(^>but slap suggest a couple of times,  and spleck'll spitout "'.prOmiscuity '" and "'.prOmiscuities '"
(^>..lot's of stangurl stuffurl happens when you mix in ones where small els
or cap. iyes should be..
(^>let alone zeroes instead of oh.
(^>thanks fer the forward to anyone who might find this crap good fertilizer..
(^>'brEYEnd'  and 0h, mie..wuttu S1G ! spleck ye0wchur1s ! (smash suggest on that wordedge)
(^>I'd love a response... and have had a few. but this idea has taken 2 years, and the altered duplicates
(^>are hard to edit without losing important data along the way.
(^>PLEASE have your programmer e-mail me.. or shove this up somewhere it can be discussed.
(^>Lots more on creating Telecommunications Accessory Expansions (TAE)
(^>and ethics based questing games.
(^>..just ascii.
((^so.. I love watching. please don't quit typing.  but my oh my. I gots no time.
*alt sig file =
man doesKN0T descend from M0Nkeys....
.man dozen dish end fr0m B1RDS....
mendishunt thisend fr0hm F1SH...
mandizint D'send  frum M1CR'0rg.anISMS
andthe  r'FR1Gerater andtheFRYing PAN ! (fry1NG pan...)
(L1GHT 1S N0T awav.....)
DARwin wasWRONG !  DARW1N was WR0NG !
darW0N wasWR0NG !
Andyou'd BESTthr0w a11 yourl BO0KS awayz.
..Y0U'D best thr0W ALL th0se b00ks aWAAYee...'
                     ==excerpt from "Get It Straight"
                                     Dan Bern(revised in 1995)
                                    then prespleckt B1 (brEYEnd)