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Of course, one must acquire all the usual suspects: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Orbital, Global Communication, and so on.  Let me recommend some less obvious yet wonderful albums:

Delerium is the two guys from Frontline Assembly creating techno with lots of chant/bell/ethnic samples. The first two are worth getting: Semantic Spaces and Karma; the third, Poem, may be a bit too new-age for some.

Loop Guru are a ambient-worldbeat-techno band, very trippy on their recordings and very intensely kinetic live.  All releases are good.

William ├śrbit has produced many brilliant albums of "instrumental" music on the uneasy border of techno, ambient, new age and easy listening. I recommend starting with strange cargo III.

Salt Tank - Science and Nature has been described by others as "aural vibes and inspiring trips into a morphological dough of suffocating, inter-city, transient techno-motive psychobeats."  I just think it's damn pretty music.

Sacred Spirits - Yeha-Noha is new-ageish music with native-american vocals over soft synth-wash textures, very pretty though questionably appropriative.

Grid - Evolver is a fantastic dancey techno album - don't bother with their other albums, this is the one to get.

rave families

Epiphany: on the beach, in a park in SF, and a goth rave

Koinonea: had a wonderful oakland space in 1996-98

Stargaze: great online archives, went to Stargaze V

The SFRaves Calendar is where to look for most bay area raves, but the nicest gathering are typically known only within the community...

Now that i'm in New York City, i can't tell whether there is a friendly rave community or not.  Almost everything here is House, and the Trance scene seems darker and cliquey..


Ceiba Records (blueroom - gone)
a place to buy experimental techno:

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