ideas for burning man 1999
... rough notes

Cassandra writes: "A message to let people know what I have been working on for Burning Man as a Viridian art project. Thanks to the generosity of Intel (yes, Intel) we are trying to build a kiosk. Intel has already bought me a flatscreen. We are looking at designing a kiosk to house the touchscreen and the laptop. We hope to have the kiosk running continually off solar energy, with a past, present, and future (loosely) realtime 3-d simulation of the Utah desert, in which we will be for a week. Hopefully we will have a 3-d version of the cuddly Viridian Mascot "Big Mike" in all scenes, plus some scary scenes of green Sport Utility Vehicles. People will be able to fly around the scene with touch, an interface which is already working with the Virtual Hawaii project whose code we will probably use. NO MENTION OF INTEL IS REQUIRED. More announcements later."
(((Viridians who plan to attend Burning Man and want to "dominate the playa" are strongly urged to contact Cassandra directly.)))

Rough storyline:

Terrain Content:

See Nevada at the VTP site.

Looking for a affordable, easy-to-use flat-panel touchscreen

Yahoo list a large number of touchscreen companies.
Turnkey solutions are available but they're pretty expensive.

Acquired: the 15" EZScreen mentioned above.  The brightness and contrast.are a bit disappointing, but that may be partly due to the touchscreen (85% transmission claimed).  We'll definitely want to run it at night only.


Nu-tech energy systems guy says:

Plan pictures:

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The Innovation Shop (15 V panels)
BatterySAVER PRO 15W - 15 Watt charger - $150
PRO-KIT 30W - 30 Watt charger kit with 3 amp regulator - $330
PRO-KIT 45W - 45 Watt charger kit with 3 amp regulator. - $480

Same prices from

Small, portable chargers like the Suncatcher Professional / Suncatcher Expedition, less than 25W each, not cost effective.

Good prices, large range

Cost (for standard 15-18V output panels) is between $5 and $6/watt, so 200 W should cost around $1000

Whole kits from around $1300 from Go Solar Company

Useful Solar links..

"How to make a solar power generator" (very simple, pictures, not complete)

Nu-tech Energy Systems
Jack Hagler
256 Hillsdale Ave.
San Jose
(408) 267-3637