photos 2004, part 1

Deb like penguins, so we've been to visit these a couple times, at the Central Park Zoo:
There's a band called Brasilia which i discovered years ago on the old, back when it was all tail. To my delight, they turn out to be local (Brooklyn) so i was able to go see them play a block from my LES apartment, and dragged Deb along:
A guy i know, Dick Fischbeck, makes these geodesic-like domes with a random arrangement of circles.  I found one of them at a local gallery - shapshots are from Deb's picture phone:
For Earth Day, we went on a bicycle ride around Manhattan - something like a Critical Mass in that we did take over the road - then ending up at an Earth Day fair in Central Park:

I went on several Critical Mass rides this year in Spring through Fall, and some other interesting rides, like a 'Green Apple' tour led by Wendy of Green Maps, coincidentally my neighbor on Essex St.  This tour goes around the LES, East Village and lower Manhattan, highlighting point of ecological interest and history - community gardens, energy-efficient construction, composting parks, etc.