photos 2003, part 3

New family, at dinner in Queens on November 8: Deb, her mom, and her brother.
More family pix.  My step-bro Tim, me and my dad.  Yes, these were deliberately goofy expressions.
Winter arrives.  Deb and i bundle up.  Here we are on her street in the snow, minimizing exposed skin.  I find i really don't mind the NY winter - it just takes more bundling.  The summers, on the other hand... there's only so far you can unbundle.
I took this picture to send to Marius, the guy in Romania that let me visit him and stay with his family during that trip.  I am in my NY office with nearly the last bit of the yummy Vişinata ("plum wine") that Marius's family gave me.
Hanging out at a party in Brooklyn with Evan (and Chrissy, and a few dozen highly international young folks, most of whom work at the UN..)  I tried getting a few people to try the Vişinata i brought, but most were too scared.
The Butterfly exhibit at the AMNH - hundreds of beautiful butterflies in an indoor rainforest... you walk around and sometimes a butterfly lands on you.

Late November, Ştefan Constantinescu sends me these three beautiful pictures he took of the Danube Delta, in the same area which i visited and took many pictures of in August.  That's the early dawn over the Black Sea...